Tinco offers the experience, knowledge and skill in the sheet metal industry which has allowed us to become the premier choice for General Contractors, Owners and Architects. Tinco provides a variety of services which include fabrication and installation of roof metals, standing seam roof systems, bath and dryer ventilation, deck and balcony metals, corridor metals, exterior wall paneling systems, gutters and downspouts and a wide variety of custom sheet metal products.

Tinco offers over 120 years combined experience within the executive staff and general field superintendents which are evident in all aspects of our business. Tinco provides a full service facility which focuses on all aspects of construction including single and multi-story condos and apartments, commercial offices and building, elementary schools, public and private facilities, affordable/senior housing units and custom homes. Tinco has experience working with General Contractors, Architects, Owners and Waterproofing Consultants on slab-on-grade and podium style construction as well as wrap style apartments and condo/apartment over retail construction.

It is the goal of Tinco to provide every client with a quality product, competitive pricing and excellent service so we can help you achieve success.

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