Siu Leung.jpg

Siu Leung, Director of MFG (Medsco)

Siu joined Tinco Sheet Metal in 2009 as an Estimator supporting the Project Management group.  As an estimator, Siu learned all aspects of the sheet metal trade and how materials would be installed. In 2011, she was transferred to the Medsco manufacturing plant to assume responsibilities in the Operation department. This led to becoming the Operations Manager.

In 2018, Siu was promoted to Director of Manufacturing taking an executive leadership position for all department within Medsco.

When I’m not keeping busy with production issues and quality control, I enjoy spending time with my 2 cats Dobby and Didi at home.

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business?

I enjoy being a part of the Medsco team of great people that are dedicated to each other and the company. The fast pace innovation in the utilization of metal in construction and architectural applications are always evolving and changing the way to approach production.

What is your personal passion and why?

Help employees develop a career so that they can become successful with the proper tools in order to raise the living standard of their families.  It gives me a sense of purpose and drives me to “do better” every single day.

What is your greatest Tinco memory?

In 2011, we were facing outside influences to have our people organize. We overcame these challenges and remained a pro-worker production facility with an open door policy providing a safe, secure, and fair workplace