Our Capabilities

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Tinco Sheet Metal provides installation services for all of our work that we manufacture and produce.  We have numerous qualified craftsman that have been trained in-house to our strict quality and safety standards so you can rely that the work will be installed in a prompt and efficient manner.

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Tinco has a state-of-the-art in-house fabrication facility with the most advanced machinery in the sheet metal industry. We are able to manufacture almost any shape imaginable, creating beautiful products that our clients take pride in.

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Tinco Sheet Metal continues to develop advanced software and equipment to support our clients project objectives. Constantly evolving our technology platforms to bring efficiency and quality to every aspect of our business allows us to develop innovative solutions for every project. Utilizing 3D laser scanning to ensure consistencies between field conditions and shop drawings, incorporating our field communication digital platforms to streamline information flow, investing in state-of-art manufacturing equipment to automate material production, or partnering with best-in-class suppliers of materials, Tinco will always use the latest technology to deliver only the best quality and client experience on every project.