Brian Powell, President / CEO

Brian is President and Chief Executive Officer for Tinco Corporation since September 2016.

Prior to joining the Company, Brian was a senior executive at YKK, Inc. a global vertical manufacturing group, where his experience included over 20 year in consumer products and apparel components field. Previously, Brian served on the NOCA (National Organic Cotton Association) as a senior committee member to launch .

Brian earned his degree in Architecture from Norfolk Technical. He has received accreditation honors from Triaxia and YKK School for Global Leadership.

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business?

I’m absolutely proud to be a part in an industry that creates the new communities for people to live and thrive. To see the buildings and surrounding neighborhoods is always inspiring. My mission is to continually challenge myself and our people to contribute to creating an iconic brand that displays true leadership.

What is your personal passion and why? 

I’ve always had passion for music and I believe it’s a universal language that transcends all. Sharing this gift brings us closer together as a community and as a people.

What is your greatest Tinco memory?   

Every year we have our annual Christmas party and watch the entire company come together to spend time sharing friendship, laughs, and reflect on our accomplishments. To see the comradery and family atmosphere is energizing and reminds me of why we are a great company with inspirational people.