Miguel Ortega.jpg

Miguel Ortega, General Superintendent

Miguel is responsible for all project coordination and construction activities at Tinco and has been with the company since 1985. Since joining Tinco, Miguel has been involved in all facets of our construction side including general sheet metal, waterproofing, expansion joint, architectural paneling, and specialty products both in installation and as a senior superintendent. Miguel started his building career as an installer working alongside the Tinco founder building single family residences.

Miguel has been involved in over 300 installation projects with the company during his tenure and is certified by Tinco as a master trainer.

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business?

The most exciting thing about working at Tinco is that there is always something new to learn, so we don’t have that boring feeling of doing the same thing. Whether it’s working with our new installers to teach them our trade, developing a new panel system, or creating new technology platform to improve our employees tools and working environment. Our business is continually evolving almost on a daily basis and working together with our teams bring new and fresh ideas for installation and products.

What is your personal passion and why?

My biggest passion is to teach what I know or passing my experience and knowledge to the younger generation, knowing that I’m making a difference on somebody’s life is really gratifying, is like the fuel that keeps my engine running.

What is your greatest Tinco memory?

My greatest Tinco memory, 5/11/2012, when the group decided to remain aligned with management and remain as an open shop.  That was one of the most important to me because it signaled we were and are united, that we share common goals as a family.